Saturday, 18 August 2012

Show Ur Stash - Ribbons

Hi ya, hope you're all having a great week.  My return to work this week hasn't been too bad, still wish I could win the lottery though!!

This week over at Shop at That Craft Place they want to have a peek at how you store your ribbons.

Here's mine...  I use a posh kitchen towel holder to keep all my ribbon and lace in.  The little drawer at the bottom houses lace and seam binding on dolly pegs.

  Scraps go in this box. 

Anything even smaller gets made into a bow and goes in my bow box.

Here's a link if you would like to join in:

As a result of a  tidy up to show off my ribbon stash I have discovered that I have a mountain of ribbon and so I am having a very small candy - 30 1m lengths of ribbons, which includes different types of ribbon in varying widths and colours.  There are no rules other than you have to be a follower.  This is a small but very heartfelt thank you for the support and lovely comments from my followers, so there is no need to post this on your blog.  I will pick a winner next weekend.

Thanks for stopping by, be back very shortly with a card.  xox


  1. Hi Caz,

    I love your ribbon storage idea..
    And that is also very kind of you to offer a candy of ribbons..

    Thank you so much for the chance of winning these gorgeous ribbons.

    Hugs Kelly

  2. Very clever ribbon storage - off now to look at the others.

  3. WOW! I love your storage, you are definitely more organised than me!!
    Thanks for your tip the other day about sorting my digi-stamps that is next on my things to do list!!
    Thanks for offering some ribbon as candy, I love using ribbon on my cards ( you probably would have noticed!!)
    I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend
    Hugs Sue

  4. Fab ribbon storage, I want to invest in something like this myself...I use a spike on my desk to put my ribbons on lol, not very efficient :P

    Tags xx

  5. Hi Caz

    Love your ribbon storage idea! Thanks for amazing chance of winning the ribbon candy! Enjoy the rest of your day!

    Sarah x

  6. Oh I couldn't possibly show my ribbon storage lol! I do keep the ones on rolls in a nice box, but the loose ones are split into about 10 different bags and drawers - I really should get myself more organised! Hugs, Lisa x

  7. I can't believe how tidy your stash is - mine - like my craft room as a whole it a tip!!! Still would love the chance to add more colours on to the top but I'm going on holiday next week until 1st sep so if I were lucky enough to win I wouldn't be able to lay claim to them until after then!!! Big hugs Rachel xx

  8. I just stuff all mine in a box .. what does that say about me .. lol? I don't have many rolls, just tend to buy them in metres .. thanks for the candy .. looks fab!! Laura x

  9. Love your ribbon storage Caz,looks really great.
    Thanks for offering a ribbon candy, so kind of you.
    hope you are having a lovely weekend.
    Wendy xx

  10. gosh love your organisation, so much pretty ribbon and lace and so generous of you to have a clear out :) good luck to all your wonderful followers
    Hugs Kate xx

  11. Super ribbon storage idea Caz - and of course I'd love to be included in your really generous giveaway please :)

    It's HOT down in Hampshire right now BTW! Di xx

  12. Hi Caz, love your ribbon storage, it's so pretty, thank you for the chance tow in some of your gorgeous ribbons x
    Wendy x

  13. Love the ribbon storage idea Caz. I really do need to get mine organised. Thanks for the chance to win some lovely ribbons.

  14. YOur Ribbon Storage is soo pretty love the look of it
    hugs Nikki


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