Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Show us Your Stash

Hi ya

I know, it's me, MIDWEEK!!  Doesn't happen often, but I am on holiday this week.

So, the reason for my midweek post - The lovely girls over at That Craft Place are asking us to show them our pen storage this week...

... and here's mine

My DH Trev made this for me after I saw something similar on Hazel's blog, I asked him to make it  2 x 4 cubbies so that it would fit a particular space on my desk, I wish I'd had it 2 x 5 now, but nevermind.  I've tried several different types of storage and so far this is definitely my favourite.

If you'd like to join in here's a link to the site:

Thanks for stopping by today, see you soon.  xox


  1. This is inspired Caz - the number of times I end up just "rummaging" for the right pen! I may have to bring this up on screen tonight and leave it there ..... Hope you are having a good holiday week. Hugs, Sxx

  2. Hi Caz, this is super! I might even join in the fun - does an old shoe box sound inspiring (joke!). Di xx

  3. This is brilliant storage it looks so clean and fresh xx
    Thanks for showing ur stash x

  4. Great storage! I keep my PMs in a Really Useful Box and my Tombows in a little drawer . . . might have to join in . . . especially as That Craft Place is my local store! xxx


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