Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Show Ur Stash - Punches

Hello all

This time over at Shop at that Craft Place, the girls want to see how you store your punches.  I don't have any particularly well-organised method for this, I pretty much just throw them in here...

but I do think it is quite pretty.  I picked the basket up in a little boutique-style shop in Rochester and I absolutely love it.  I have debated putting in my bedroom (the basket, not the punches!), but seeing as I actually spend more time in my craft room I get to see it more where it is.

I keep my bigger, less well used punches, in a drawer.

That's it from me.  If you would like to join in, here's the link:

Take care and I'll be back soon.  xoxo


  1. Well =- aren't you tidy? My punches are also in a basket and in a shoe box - trouble is can't get the lid on the shoebox and can never find the one I want without tipping both basket and shoebox out ont the floor/table/any other available

  2. Lovely little basket for storing your punches Caz. Mine are stored in an under-shelf metal basket which I bought in Lidl. They are really handy as it makes use of the storage beneath the shelf in a cupboard. Have a great day and thanks for the lovely comment on my blog.

    Sarah x

  3. My! You are tidy lol...I have mine all over the place!
    Daren't put pictures up..I would have to tidy up he! he!

  4. That's a really cute basket to keep your punches in! :) Those things are so big and bulky to store isn't it?! Mines take up so much room and I don't even have that many! hehehe!

    Big Hugs,

  5. Hi Caz!

    My punches are in a variety of places - might be brave and join in. Love your basket storage :) Di xx

  6. Hi Carol,
    Pretty much like how I store my punches, they're all in box...messy yes, but at least they're all in one place so I know where to look!


  7. Hi Caz - love your Spain photos up above lovely seeing other bits of the world isn't just did my French ones yesterday or a few of them.. and we had the sort of weather you have there it s was lovely..

    Oh and BIG thanks for putting my candy out there like that :D

    ... and also love your way of keeping punches mine are in a drawer - big wide one :D not as neat as some but works for me! Shaz in oz.x


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